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The Start of Something New

So here begins another new journey in my rollercoaster life.  I'm engaged!!  To the man of my dreams, my other half for nearly 5 years and my friend for nearly 9 years. I'm excited and nervous for the adventure that is wedding planning and getting married. As two quite socially anxious people this isn't going to be an easy feat, I imagine there's going to be plenty of tears, tantrums and tricky moments; on the flip side there's probably also going to be a lot of happiness, highs and hilarity! Image courtesy of Cotswold Co. I think my biggest challenges are going to be keeping to a budget, remembering to do everything I need for the day and not letting this journey overwhelm me in the process. I'm also hoping I might end up on a self-discovery adventure at the same time, I'm looking forward to learning new things and finding out what is within my capabilities, as well as knowing when to pass the book to someone else so I don't get bur

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